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    The Rose Explorer and the Rose Freedom are special roses that grow in the serene highlands of Ecuador and Colombia. They have an understated beauty and timeless elegance, symbolizing the love you feel for your Valentine. They are a precious gift from nature that will warm your heart and move your soul. This package also includes a nice bottle of Prosecco with a bar of Tony's rose - raspberry.

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    In the serene highlands of Ecuador and Colombia, where the air is clear and the mountains rise majestically against the horizon, the most enchanting roses in the world bloom. Amid these soothing landscapes, the Roos Explorer and the Roos Freedom find their home, surrounded by majestic peaks and a peaceful atmosphere that gives them a special grace.

    These roses, grown at high altitudes, are true pearls of nature. Their flowers, as delicate as dreams, reveal a beauty that only thrives in this serene environment. With strong stems they reach towards the sky, as a tribute to the heights from which they come.

    As Valentine's Day approaches, it seems as if the Rose Explorer and the Rose Freedom are saving their most beautiful blossoms for this special time. Their buds unfold quietly, ready to be picked with care and love.

    These beautiful roses are admired worldwide for their understated beauty and timeless elegance. Whether they frame a romantic gesture or complete a refined bouquet, the Rose Explorer and the Rose Freedom fill hearts with warmth and emotion.

    Some stems extend up to 150 centimeters, as a modest symbol of the boundless love they represent. With each petal they radiate a sense of peace, happiness and connection, and carry a message of love that reaches further than words can say.

    On Valentine's Day, these roses are celebrated as precious gifts from nature, shaped by the mountains and the sky itself. And as loved ones gather to express their affection, the Rose Explorer and the Rose Freedom continue to shine as a reminder of the serene beauty that surrounds us.

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