About us (Rozen.nl)

I, Martin Wubben, born as the son of a grower, have been working all my life in the purchase and sale of flowers, mainly exporting to different countries in the World. As a result, I have daily contact with many growers of flowers, and therefore also those of roses. At shows and fairs I always look for the new types and colors that can be an addition to the webshop.

The Rose is undisputedly the Queen of flowers. It is therefore actually incomprehensible that it is so difficult to buy the most beautiful roses in the Netherlands. This is because the best and most beautiful roses mainly go abroad. Thanks to our webshop, they are now for sale for everyone.

We work without stock, so our roses are always fresh. Most growers are within a radius of 10-15 km around us, so we always have fresh roses within reach.

Feel free to take a look at the reviews , where you can read what other customers experience. After all, that's more important than what I think of it. We also regularly receive messages by e-mail or via the Live Chat.

There are already quite a few types in the webshop, which will also be regularly supplemented with new colors and types. (if they meet our high standards)

It is important that I fully support the quality, and do not doubt the quality of the growers I work with. That is why I can safely give a vase guarantee of more than a week. (Some varieties last up to 2 weeks in the vase.)

Unlike many other providers, we do not work with local florists, and never from stock. but everything is shipped from our location at the flower auction in Naaldwijk. (This is in the Westland, the beating heart of Dutch floriculture) Surrounded by many nurseries, our roses are never far away. Either our partner growers deliver them to us, or we collect them.

(We are also able to deliver roses during the weekend, especially for the Rotterdam and The Hague region, but it can almost always be organized in consultation. Call us for your special request)