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Buy 24 red roses?
Red Naomi! - Rode rozen - 24 stuks REGULAR

Red Naomi! - Red roses - 25 pieces REGULAR


Declare your love for someone or celebrate an anniversary with 25 red roses? Celebrate with our most grown roses in the Netherlands, 25 Red Naomi roses. These beautiful lightly fragrant roses have a long vase guarantee and will certainly not disappoint.

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Chocolade Love mix 300gr.

Chocolade Love mix 300gr.

Card Kiss for you

Card Kiss for you

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Card Birthday

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Love card


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25 red roses

If you are looking for 25 red roses, order a bunch of Red Naomi. The Red Naomi is the most widely grown rose in the Netherlands. That is not for nothing, because thanks to the classic look, it fits many different occasions. For example, do you have something to celebrate? Would you like to surprise your partner with a gift? Or do you brighten yourself up with 25 red roses on the kitchen table? It does not matter whether you give it away as a gift or whether you treat yourself to a present, with a bunch of 25 red roses you will never go wrong.

Do you have special wishes? Please feel free to contact us. No question is too crazy for us and the satisfaction of our customers is always our number one priority. For example, would you like to order 25 red roses for a 25th anniversary? That's no problem. We ensure that the desired number is processed in a beautiful bunch.

Characteristics of a bunch of 25 red roses

  • Pieces: 25 red roses
  • Length: always at least 70 centimeters
  • Great red color
  • Large bud with 55-75 petals
  • Give off a lovely lightly scented scent

Quality is extremely important to us and we therefore have no doubts about the quality of the growers we work with. This allows us to give you a vase guarantee of more than one week!

Delivery specifications of our 25 Red Naomi red roses

Have you become enthusiastic and would you like to buy 25 red roses? We understand that all too well. After all , we ourselves are very proud of our wonderful red roses . Our roses are never delivered from stock, but we ship everything from our location at the flower auction in Naaldwijk. Your order will also be delivered in a large box so that the 25 red roses arrive in their best shape.

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