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Je kunt bij ook per stuk rozen bestellen. Kan soms handig zijn wanneer je een specifiek aantal rozen nodig hebt.

Wanneer je bijvoorbeeld 20 jaar getrouwd bent geef je 20 rozen + een roos voor het nieuwe jaar.

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Buy roses easily online at is a specialist in selling roses. Our wide range of roses is always fresh, because we get them directly from the grower. The roses are therefore only cut after your order. We then pack them carefully and the roses are sent immediately. As a result, they are always of the best quality! This is how we guarantee good quality with a long vase life. Moreover, we deliver extremely quickly and if you order before 09:00 on working days, you can often have the roses delivered the same day. That is the convenience of ordering on Whether it's for yourself or a surprise for someone else, we deliver our roses throughout the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Do you have any questions or would you like to receive advice about buying roses? Then contact us!

Roses in various colors and types

In our assortment you will find roses in various colors and types. You probably think of the standard red roses and pink roses, but there are many different types of roses, each with its own characteristics. You have also come to the right place for white roses and salmon roses and, for example, also for rose petals in different colors that are perfect for a wedding. In addition, our range also includes more special roses such as blue roses, rainbow roses and spray roses. Do you want to unpack extra? Then view our accessories and extras to complete your gift. Choose from various nice cards, vases and chocolates to give with your roses.

Order roses with guaranteed delivery

Do you want to be 100% sure that your order will be delivered on the right day? For 8.50 euros extra you can add our warranty delivery to your order. In the check out you can add your desired delivery date. Order before 09 a.m. on working days and choose standard delivery. Do you have any questions about our roses? Our customer service is available via chat and telephone on weekdays between 05:00 and 22:00. On weekends you can reach us from 09:00 - 21:00. Of course we can be reached by e-mail 24/7.

Why order at

At we are very clear about one thing! You don't buy roses to say goodbye to them after a few days, but to see them open a little wider every day, to enjoy the scent of roses (some more than others). A full week is no longer normal, but even after 2 weeks there are enough customers who let us know that the roses are still beautiful. From our location in Naaldwijk, we are in the middle of the rose growers, so we can often deliver in the afternoon, or even during the weekend.

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How fast will I receive my order? is fast, very fast. Orders that are received by us no later than 11 a.m. can in most cases be delivered the same evening throughout the Netherlands, or otherwise the next day during the day. Evening deliveries are possible from Monday to Friday, and day deliveries 6 days a week. We often deliver orders in the regions of Rotterdam and The Hague ourselves, and can therefore sometimes be even faster. Delivery on Sunday is also possible here. Rush orders are always in consultation, but where possible we go to great lengths to fulfill the customer's wishes.

How long will my roses stay beautiful? is not just a supplier of roses, but one with expertise. As the son of a rose grower, and with a long experience in flowers, and roses in particular, we know exactly which varieties and which growers are the best. That is the only way we work together, because we believe that our customers should be able to enjoy a bunch of roses for as long as possible. Because we do not want to work with stocks, we buy our orders daily via the auction and directly from the grower. This way you can be sure that you will enjoy it to the fullest. In addition, we only work with roses from Dutch growers. Sustainably grown, because we also attach great importance to that.

Can I pay afterwards?

At it is possible to pay afterwards. We offer this option to both private and business customers. We work with 2 different parties that offer this option. Paying afterwards is possible with Billink or with Klarna. Billink is known for excellent customer service, but Klarna, which originates from Sweden, is very big in Germany, for example. In addition, we often offer companies the opportunity to pay afterwards by invoice. These are companies with which we regularly do business.

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