Avalanche+ - White roses - 12 pcs


The most sold white roses

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The Avalanche+ white roses are the most sold white roses from the Rozen.nl range . These beautiful roses do very well at weddings and many celebrities have chosen this beautiful rose.

The white roses have a large flower and are an addition to every household. The roses have a fresh, lively appearance which creates a beautiful appearance. The buds almost always bloom into a beautiful full rose. The white roses have a good shelf life so that you can enjoy them to the fullest.

The white Avalanche+ is a rose from our top segment and always does very well at weddings and farewell services. The white roses are available throughout the year and always have a stem length of 70 centimetres, which makes the roses look very good in different vases. Not the right vase in your house yet? View our range in vases! The white roses are available in numbers as large as you wish. We make sure that a beautiful bunch of roses is made from every number. Do you want to order really large quantities of more than 100 white roses? Contact us for the possibilities.

The characteristics of the white rose at a glance:

  • White Avalanche+ roses
  • Normal life
  • Handle length always 70 centimetres
  • Available in large numbers

Order our white Avalanche+ roses easily and quickly online at Rozen.nl.

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