Red Naomi - Zwarte rozen - 24 stuks

Red Naomi - Black roses - 24 pcs


Black is not quite black, but the paint treatment makes it very close. The Red Naomi rose is used for this. NB! Limited availability and often a delivery time of one day.

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Chocolade Love mix 300gr.

Chocolade Love mix 300gr.

TONY'S Roos-Framboos Recht uit m'n chocohart

TONY'S Roos-Framboos Recht uit m'n chocohart


One of our runners in our range; The Red Naomi - Black rose. With great care and a paint treatment we get the originally red rose very close to the black color. This rose is perfect for mourning. In addition, the black rose also looks very nice in the living room.

Pay attention:

The delivery time of the black roses is generally at least 24 hours due to the paint treatment that the roses must undergo. If roses are really needed faster, please contact us and we will do our utmost to deliver the roses as quickly as possible. Do you have special color combination wishes? Or do you want to receive the roses in a special shape? Contact us because more is possible than you think.
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